Traxx 001

artist: Traxx
titles: Traxx
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Traxx 002 - SexxTraxx

artist: Jon Silva
titles: Addicted, Entering Your Mind, Fuck Me Like An Animal (feat. Erica Blanchard)
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Traxx 003

artist: Khaan
titles: Pegasos, Chimera
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Traxx 004

artist: Da Funk
titles: Roasted, Electronic Love, tba
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Traxx 005 - Luana

artist: Cooccer
titles: Move (incl. Replika and Jon Silva remixes), Luana, Driftin', Let Me Take You, Bitches, Man On The Drums
plus special bonus track: all Cooccer releases and remixes for Shayan Music, Plastic City, Acryl and Pesto so far and the album tracks within a continuous DJ mix
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